G1ESP - Genesis 1 Environmental Stewardship Project

G1_ESP stands for Genesis 1 - Environmental Stewardship Project

Who are we? We originally started as a small group of students from Washington, D.C. and Texas advocating environmental stewardship at a presidential debate in Denver, Colorado back in October of 2012.

What are we doing? Along with connections in Washington, D.C., students at Dallas Baptist University are working to build a student organization to introduce sustainable environmental practices to bring glory to God by making the increasingly polluted world we live in safer for others and ourselves to live in and to conserve natural resources, such as clean water, air, and soil, for future use.

What is our goal? Our goal is to grow a group of environmentally-minded people on campus who will to practice good stewardship of our resources according to God's instruction to subdue and cultivate the earth (Genesis 1), to worship God in what we do, and to love others as ourselves (Matthew 22:24-40).

Why is environmental stewardship so important? Although most of us may not realize it, the way we dispose and overuse necessary resources affects those around us - whether near or far. Today, our world is becoming increasingly polluted and the ability to be able to catch a fish and eat it without containing toxins will soon be history.

How are we getting active? Our first project is recycling, but we have hopes for other creative projects in the future. We believe this is a call for everyone as we see our world become increasingly deprived of its pure and original state in which it was created.

How can you help and get involved? We consist of only a few members and are still trying to build the foundation or an organization. Although, we will be posting resources for you to use and the status of our progress. Meanwhile, pray about what you can do and maybe even read some articles on conservation and earth science.

If you have any interests or questions, please contact us at [email protected], or follow us on twitter at https://twitter.com/G1ESP.