Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Music

The chain of command for the Union Gap begins with General Gary Puckett, who is the lead singer and guitarist. Next is Sergeant Dwight Bement, the tenor sax man, and then Corporal Kerry Chater, who handles the bass guitar detail. Two privates round out this big-sounding, exciting group - Gary Withem on woodwinds and piano and Paul Wheatbread on drums.
Gary Puckett (born October 17,1942, Hibbing, Minnesota) grew up in Yakima, Washington - close to the city of Union Gap & Twin Falls, Idaho. He began playing guitar in his teens, & graduated from Twin Falls High School before attending college in San Diego, California. There, he quit college & played in several local bands before joining the Outcasts, a local hard rock group comprising bassist Kerry Chater (born August 7, 1945, Vancouver, B.C., Canada), keyboardist Gary 'Mutha' Withem (born August 22,1946, San Diego), tenor saxophonist Dwight Bement (born December 28,1945, San Diego), and drummer Paul Wheatbread (born February 8,1946, San Diego). In 1966, the band toured the Pacific Northwest, without Wheatbread who was recruited as the house drummer on the tv series, Where The Action Is; he later rejoined the line-up. Under manager Dick Badger, the band were renamed The Union Gap in early 1967, and kitted themselves out with Union Army-style Civil War uniforms as a visual gimmick. They then recorded a demo, which was heard by CBS record producer & songwriter Jerry Fuller. Impressed by Puckett's baritone voice & the band's soft rock leanings, Fuller signed them to a recording contract with Columbia Records. The band recorded their first single, 'Woman Woman', a song written by Jim Glaser & Jimmy Payne, in August 1967.

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