Encouragement in the Lord

We are Encouraging one another to "Enter into the Presence of the Lord" through Studying the Word of God, Personal Testimonies, Touching & Agreeing in Prayer, Faith, Praise & Worship and Thanksgiving. Our foundational quote " God is sooooo Good". Mission statement- Our goal is to encourage one another in the LORD. Our instrument is the Internet. Our source is GOD. Mission field- THE WORLD. Please be discreet and mindful when making your post. This group is a Spiritual Encouragement Group. Our purpose is to keep you Inspired, Uplifted, Winning souls for the Kingdom and keeping one another Encouraged. Any other postings or any foul language, sexually explicit music not related to our purpose will be deleted. Join The Encouragement in the Lord Group every other Monday night for Bible Study at 9:01pm - via Conference call - Just Dial 1-408-418-5050 then enter the I.D. No. 8039391374 followed by the #Key. As the group grows we look forward to keeping the purpose of the group intact, so please no advertisements of your business or products within this group. For all advertisements please join our other group on Facebook "Entrepreneurs of Encouragement in the Lord." We thank you for your cooperation in advance. If you would like to donate or sow into our ministry. Our mailing address is Elder Anthony & Vivian Wright PO Box 4474 West Columbia, SC 29171 - Head Administrator - Elder Anthony Wright and Co-Administrator - Evangelist Vivian Denard-Wright.