Ketchikan PetCycle

This is a place for Ketchikan and vicinity people to share about their pets, look for pets, and talk about pet services in a loving, kind, respectful manner.
This is NOT the place for being judgmental, soapbox about your opinions, attack or be abusive toward other list members.
This is NOT a place for vulgar language, swearing, or for MATURE content. Shock/guilt videos are not allowed.
If you are looking to place a pet, consider contacting Groomingdales Pet Resort,
Ketchikan Humane Society and/or SOFA as they will often help or take the pet and find it a good home.
We highly recommend that puppies receive parvo vaccinations before being placed or before coming in contact with other dogs or environment that other dogs have come in contact with.
This is for families who want to share or find pets - a place to allow their kids under 18 to have a safe place to learn more about animals and pets in general.