Fans of Miss Sulina Beauty of Pain

Exclusively for Mistresses and adoring sissies.

June 2014

This group is part of an on-line gynarchy for beginners called Damenreich. Our other network is a gynarchy for educated people called Hexteufelin.

The Rules Of The Groups.
1) All female members are Mistresses.
2) All male member serve the female members as on-line servants.
3) Post a nice image of a well-dressed female to the group when you join. We also accept images of a well-dressed cute sissies.
4) Post "I understand the rules, Mistress" to comments below.
5) Join all my groups, but only if you are smart.
6) Do not post images of genitalia. People hate that.
7) Do not post personal ads. People hate that.
8) Do not mention sex or anything sexual. That is against the Law of Facebook.