Expats in Qatar

For all those tax-evading, bar membership applying, vitamin D deficient, gas guzzler drivin, free parking, bullfrog loving, new habit acquiring, exchange rate comparing, MegaMart visiting, designer clothing, censored movie going,airs n graces developing, dirham coin losing, Qmile collecting, camel jockeying, corniche power-walking, dune bashing, jet skiing, high rent paying, RP renewing, liquor licence abusing, maid hiring, biffer buying, sandal wearing, Garvey's and Rydges missing, rugby clubbing, roster changing, beer bonging, stuffy bar frequenting, Ramada comedy night heckling, fast food take-out number memorising, land cruiser hating, newspaper english correcting, Zigzaging, accent pisstaking, school running, Voda-phoneying, late traffic offence ticket receiving, sun block hoarding, mp3 and TV series downloading, Qtel loving, Qatar Airways flying, green bus NEVER EVER riding, syndicate visiting, skype and web camming, Showtime subscription paying, feather dusting, shisha smoking, Inshallah loving, bacon sammidge dreaming, porn starved, jet lagged, sweat drenched, sun burnt, skin cancer dodging, 8 riyal for a car wash paying, Friday brunching (Thanks Mrs Jones!)... (breeathe!)....too many leave days having, bit torrenting, Lebanon nip tucking, rugby 7's going, expats with too much time, a return ticket, caffeine addiction, and a constant case of the Betty Swollocks.