Astronomy for beginners

Astronomy for Beginners is a group that welcomes all budding-astronomers. It's the place to post questions about observing techniques, resources needed, planetary information and any other related topic. It also welcomes images (respecting copyright) of deep-sky, planetary, lunar, solar, comets, meteors or cloud formations. If you can observe it through telescope, binoculars or your naked eye, it is welcome. PLEASE, as much as we welcome photos and images of any astronomical kind, we must insist that photographs that have been enhanced, or taken from another source, should be credited as such. Members found posting images of this nature and claiming the credit are not supporting the ethos of this group and will be dealt with accordingly.
If you are looking to participate in conspiracy theories, then we're afraid you're in the wrong place. We're merely a friendly site that offers support and assistance in appreciating the wondrous beauty that is around us.
PLEASE NOTE! Any posting which is an advertisement and has nothing to do with astronomy or its peripheral sciences, will be removed and the member banned from the group. Members wishing to post an advertisement which is related to astronomy must seek permission from admin first.

The blocking of admin is taken seriously and any member found doing so will be removed and permanently banned from the group.