Glasgow Local Food Network

This group is YOUR space to network, share and explore the challenges that we're facing to build a strong, resilient local food economy for the future.

How to we grow more of what we eat?
How do we get more people eating more of what we grow?

There's so much already happening in Glasgow around local food, with thriving projects all over the city - let's look at how we can upscale, and get fresh, local, organically grown produce where it's needed most.

This will be a central space to get to know and stay in touch with each other, to share and explore, as regularly as we want, whats happening locally i.e. events, skills sharing opportunities, training, local food days, seed and food swaps and exchanges etc etc], and not forgetting...the challenges and opportunities that are coming from rising food prices, CO2 emissions from food travelling thousands of miles and our reliance on supermarkets and ever expensive oil which underpins our world food system.