Plainfield Area Sales

This is a site to buy and sell items including household, clothing, toys and more. If you can't make it to a scheduled pick up time, give the seller enough notice. Sellers must go in order of interest. If you are not in Plainfield, you must be willing to meet in Plainfield, or bordering Plainfield. Only ONE garage sale post or picture please! Feel free to counteroffer a *reasonable* price. This can be a fun and pretty helpful site, if everyone is respectful! No ANIMALS or GUNS on this site!!!, no COUNTERFEIT items or weight loss gimmicks, no merchandise sales' posts from Oragami Owl, 31, Wraps, Avon or Younique. The page was taken over with these specific companies. No surplus from your couponing! Please don't take over the whole page with your items. Make an ALBUM if you have more than 3 items and you must include PRICES/DESCRIPTION in the edit portion of each picture, not the comment section! Thanks and have fun buying and selling Please note that the administrator, myself, is not liable for any type of transaction issues other than her own.