Dragonslayer Awesomeness

What is "Dragonslayer Awesomeness" about?!

Well, in November 2011 I began working on a fantasy novel series about dragons and Dragonslayers. I told Xandy about it and named my primary Dragonslayer after him, which made him really proud. After that he always commented on my updates and seemed like he wanted to be part of the show whenver I posted drawings or quotes on Facebook.

Once Xandy left us, my original story began to melt away and out from that grew a more awesome, bad-ass version of the premise. Lots of the themes and ideas that developed stem from inspiration by Alexander and his values and interests during his life. I didn't know every side of Xandy, but I thought with some help from family and friends I could get some cool perspectives to help drive the rough ideas I've sketched out so far.

If you'd like to view my drawings and outlines, I'll be posting them here whenever I can. If you can offer comments/suggestions or help me brainstorm ideas for the story, this is the place to do it! It's really just a hobby of mine right now, but I want to do it for Xandy.

Thanks guys for your support. And let me know if there are others I should invite.

~ "Apers"