Diva on a Dime Women's Consignment

A place for women to buy and sell gently used items!

For tips on how to buy/sell/trade and how to prevent people from seeing your tagged photos, please visit my discussion section! Rules are located on this page! :0)

General Information

NWT/ NWOT~ brand new condition
EUC~ no stains no wash wear
GUC~ some wash wear no stains

Ok, I don't want to have a lot of rules so I am going to try to get it into four! :0)

1. NO LINKS unless approved by me (Nicole Skrove) OR if its 'Free advertising Friday' (ONLY day links are allowed)(I might remove this rule as time goes on but for now I would LOVE all sales to stay on the page)
2. Tag your photos! This is not for me, it's for you! The ONLY way you can see EVERY notification posted by a seller is if you tag your photos. It also makes it easier to delete them once they are sold. Which brings me to my next rule:
3. Delete SOLD items. This is for your buyers! People get SO excited when they see an item for sale only to click on it and then realize it was sold a week ago. Deleting your pictures is EASY! Just go to tagged photos, find the photo, click on it and scroll to the bottom left and click REMOVE PHOTO.
4. To sell your items, add to the provided categorized albums OR upload to the wall, not both, and not your own personal album.
5. Do unto others as you would like done to you! This is my catch-all rule! Ship in a timely manner, pay in a timely manner, and DO NOT SCAM on this page. DO NOT SELL a replica as authentic, you may sell replicas but you need to specify that they are. I will have a zero-tolerance policy on scamming my fans, meaning if you attempt it, you are banned. No warnings, no strikes, I don't mess around with that. I have been on the losing end of a scam and it's awful :0)

Other than that have fun posting! :0)