Items for Sale, Trade or Free in Lee and Collier County

Feel free to advertise things for sale , free or wanted stuff! If you live in these counties or surrounding counties please free to add friends and advertise!! If something is posted that you have proof is stolen please contact me immediately and I will delete them & ban them from this group!! Please be safe in using this group when meeting, picking up or delivering items! Please be considerate to others and list multiple items in an album (put description under picture, not in the comment box)If you cannot put description under picture then you are allowed only 5 pictures also! If you are downloading from an Iphone then you are only allowed 5 pictures an hour., Remove all Bumps ( even if you put smileys or anything else) when you move them to the top of page and remove post that have been sold.Please only BUMP 5 pictures at a time. The next hour you can BUMP 5 more and so on. Best to BUMP whole album!! When you reduce your items, unless you are doing 5 or less, you need to reduce with with your EDIT under the picture not in the comment area. Then bump your whole album and say PRICES REDUCED or something like that. If you change your mind and do not wish to sale an item for no reason please remove the post. If others have already said they wanted it and you disregard or you raise the asking price to more and get reported you may get deleted. If you have made a mistake on the price and need to raise it then please remove the post and start over. Do not be rude and make comments about anyones items or prices of the items. If someone else has already commented on an item, do not offer more money to buy out from underneath someone. Anyone who comments first and ask a questions, without saying they "want it" or "interesed in it" or something notifing the seller they want to buy the item, then the item is still for sale. If another person says they want it than they can buy it if you have not said you are interested and make any suggestions you want to buy it. Anyone who says they are interested but has not said they want it has up to 1hr after the seller post the answer , to contact seller or say they want it or the seller can move on. Its not fair for people to comment and then not tell the seller and they are being nice and waiting and the person does not come back with a comment. You can personal message a question and it may be quicker. When you agree on a price before you meet, make sure you have enough money when you get there. DO NOT ASK TO CHANGE PRICE WHEN YOU GET THERE!!! Always show up if you have made plans to meet! If you do not show up, then you have till 8am to send me a message with an excuse or you will be deleted!!! The one reporting needs to send me a message with copy and saved messages on meeting times.! The one sending me the excuse also needs to send where they have let the other person know they could not show up. NO ONE needs to put anything else on here about people no showing up, because you will get deleted. Tell me so I can delete the problem!! If you place something on sale, then it is open for anyone to buy. If you have a problem with a person who you do not want to sale to please let me know. I will be DELETING post thats if you are not going by what the description says. If selling guns on this site, you must go by the gun law regulations. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ITEM SOLD,GIVEN AWAY, WHEN OR WHERE PEOPLE MEET OR WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY MEET. I AM THE CREATOR OF THIS SITE AND IF YOU CAN NOT BE RESPONSIABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS WITH OTHER, THEN PLEASE REMOVE FROM GROUP. I DO NOT GET PAID OR MAKE MONEY OFF THIS SITE. I HAVE SET GUIDELINES FOR THIS GROUP AND IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THEM PLEASE GO MAKE YOUR OWN GROUP! PS - DO NOT SHOW UP WHEN PEOPLE ARE MEETING UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED! If you feel you need to be negative about someone on this site, be ready to be deleted. For those of you that decide to add to there post, you will also be deleted unless you are contacting me!!!! DO not comment about a price that is too high, it the persons choice what to sell for, if you don't like it then don't comment!! This is crazy to say bad things about other people!!! We all make mistakes and most are willing to make good on those mistakes. Private message or block the person. If I have not heard about a problem then I guess there is not one!!! For those of you that seem to add your comments to peoples negative post, You will be deleted!! Find another site to fight on!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND WHEN BUYING FROM THESE TYPE SITES: When you buy from an individual, everything is as-is. You are buying USED merchandise. Only if someone states a warranty, can a return be expected. So EVERYONE needs to try things out, try things on &/or live with your choices... And in the same token, everyone should be as HONEST as you can be in your dealings and sellings.. PLEASE CHECK YOUR MESSAGES UNDER OTHER, BECAUSE ALOT OF MESSAGES GET LOST THERE! NO SEXUAL CONTENT ALLOWED, MAGAZINES, PICTURES, WEBSITES, OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH SEXUAL STUFF . THERE ARE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE THAT IS UNDER AGE. NO FOUL LANUAGE!!! WHEN SELLING ANYTHING, PLEASE MAKE SURE IF IT IS ILLEGAL TO SELL TO UNDERAGE THEN YOU MAKE SURE THE PERSON IS OF THE RIGHT AGE SO YOU DO NOT GET IN TROUBLE. If you are selling for someone else, it is still whoever post its responsiablity to take care of the sale. If the item is bad or does not work, it is up to the one who posted it or you will be deleted!!
.Let's all get something straight on this site! You can sale, buy, give away, take offers, make offers, have so many people win something free. If you are taking offers, making offers or a contest please put a deadline no longer than 12hrs. My goodness, this site is free to join and free to leave. I will be adding to the group guidelines as I feel needed!! :)

Thanks again,
Stacey Moore