Kit Carson FCF

Trace 2012 is coming soon.
June 1st-3rd. Currently it is planned to be at beautiful Tip Top Ranch.... However we will hold Trace at a spot that is not used by Royal Rangers in the past.
We are going to have some new events.... Ok maybe not new, but in addition to and different. A Game of Handles, Night time Knife and Hawk.
The cost is $30 per person. Dues are $10 per person. If you register before May 15th you get $5.00 off. Here is the cool part, you don't have to pay ahead of time, just register so we know how many people are showing up. All New YOUNG BUCK Frontiersmen will be paid for via a scholarship this year.
That is right, NO CHARGE...... But they need to pre-register for it first. Keep an eye on this group we will have updates posted here. Randy Timmerman
Kneelin Eagle