PurelyRX8 Group Rules
1.) Trolling: there is a time and place for it, and neither are in this group. This page is designed to be a help-based page, along with posting pictures of cars. No drama, no bullshit. The active admin who spots it will either delete the comments, or ban you; depending on severity.
2.) Respect: We are all adults here, act like it. If one of the admins catches you making perverted, hateful, racist, discriminative, or any other forms of unappreciated comments they WILL NOT be tolerated. Once again, a delete of the comment or a permanent ban will follow; depending on severity.
3.) Sale posts are permitted IF YOU ARE SELLING SOMETHING. Buyer beware, admins are not responsible if you get ripped off.
4.) The group files are a great source of information, don't get butthurt when we tell you to go through them. We spent a lot of time building those.


5.) Illegal/reckless/dangerous activities are not condoned, and will result in a deletion of the violating material, and a ban(depending on the severity) This includes: parking lot drifts, speeding, pictures/videos of you breaking the law in any manner, etc.