Cut that stomach up!!

Ok, so first of all I want to clarify that it's dumb to say "get abs in a month", or "8 min abs" from dum and dumber...The longer you stay with the program ( with slow but consistent progressions ) the closer you will get to seeing your own rectus abdominises. So here is the deal, I am going to give it to you straight so if this doesn't work for you then you are probably not following the program correctly and/or not planning or holding your self accountable correctly. But there is always the possible chance of you being a special case I havent heard of and you can call me and we will figure it out.

To get an A plus in this program buy a body bugg. You look the way you do as a result of how much you eat and how much you move. There are millions of other little factors that contribute to the way you look of course but let's just focus mainly on the law of thermogenics (calories in vs. calories out). There are 3500 calories in a lb so if you burn 500 more calories than you eat everyday, you will lose a pound a week. You have to count calories! it's a must but don't be a wuss,it takes 5 minutes a day, MAN UP! :) The key is planning" no excuses play like a champion". Pack your lunch if you go to school or work, buy a box of bars or shake mix to keep in your locker or in your car. If you plan everyday all you have to do is look at your watch...then eat.

You need to eat at least 5 meals a day, don't think that's a lot and don't skip meals and starve yourself bc that won't work either. If you have questions why ask me on this group by posting on the wall so others can see your question and I will answer it. I don't want to spend too much time typing all this up so I will be blunt and just trust what I say unless you don't believe me or understand why, so then ask!

Eat small healthy portions but eat every 2 or 3 hours. It's annoying at first to always remember to have food on you and plan ahead but that's life, it's hard to take control but once you have it for a few weeks it's very easy to stay on track. You lose cravings and develop healthy habits and learn to like them AS LONG AS YOU MAKE IT THROUGH THE FIRST 2 WEEKS!!!

1. Be active as much as possible, don't search so long for parking spots or take the elevator...walk!
2. You can do cardio as much as you want, the later in the day the better.
3. Get into the gym or do some sort of weight bearing work out mixed in with cardio or core at least 3 times a week.
4. Your diet should mostly contain fish, meat, fruit, veggies, nuts and good grains.
5. Try to limit your carbs as much as possible especially after 3pm unless you work out later on.
6. Try to only eat carbs when your body needs energy. That is all carbs and fats are ENERGY...your body is composed of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, protein.... Carbs are ok at breakfast, before your work out and maybe some at lunch.
7. Make sure you eat 45mns-1:30 before your workout. Right when you are done working out spike your insuline levels with some (organic gummies, sharkeys, gummybears, gatorade if you must) and a little bit of protein. Then 45mns-1:00 later women get 20-30g of protein and men get 30-35 or 40g of protein.
8. always grill and bake and no sauce

Here is just an example of one of my days that got me a tight stomach!
( By the way I work out a lot so the more you work out the more you can eat, and this was the beginning of my program before I started cutting off a lot more carbs as I progressed so start with something like this

6:30 am= 4 egg whites, 1 egg, 1 slice of american cheese and 1 piece of wheat toast. about 450 cal.

- I tried to keep my calories as low as possible while getting some healthy carbs for energy in the morning, trying to get 30 grams of protein and it tastes so good! ( Just think how can I get protein and nutrients in my body)

8:00-9:00 am= Workout (legs and cardio) burnt about 500 calories

- Now instead of skipping a meal and starving my body, which can backfire if your trying to lose weight, since I worked out it cancelled out bfast. Also don't believe heart rate monitors and cardio equipment. They don't know how many calories you burn. A lot of group instructors also don't know and make it up.

9:00 am- organic chewy's and a bite of a protein bar 200 cal.

- Protein bars and shakes aren't for guys, or building muscle, or for before or after working out or for losing weight. They are there to supplement your lifestyle THATS IT. I was stuck at work where I had a box of bars so i had some of a bar. If I were home on a sunday I would make chicken.

10:00 am= The rest of the protein bar, and a turkey sand which. 400 cal

- I tried to get protein in my system and I didn't have fruit and vegggies on me, IM NOT PERFECT. lol

1:00 pm- Ham and corn 500 cal

- Protein and nutrients

3:30pm- Blended shake with fruit and protein

- Just perfect and a delicious smopthie. POST IF YOU WANT RECIPES

6:00 pm peas and carrots and chicken

-I cut off my carbs (starches like breads and pasta, let's not get crazy some carbs from fruit and veggies are ok) You should have fish but I hate fish and steak once or twice a week is great

8:00pm any thing low in calories, carbs and fats...protein is good before sleep

If you need help POST