Nicki's Younique & 3D Fiber Lash Party

Hello everyone! If you've been invited to this party it's because Nicki believes YOU, or someone you know would love to check out her online Younique party. Feel free to invite anyone you'd like. The more the better. Younique offers quality product while making sure our product is natural based and better for our customers. We have so much to offer but our 3D fiber lash mascara is our #1 seller. Please keep checking in with us because we will be posting about many different products. All of your purchases will help Nicki reach her party goal and help her win rewards! Not only will this party help Nicki but you'll be helping Melissa launch her business. Melissa is still very new to the company so as her sponsor I will be helping her throughout the party. If you have any questions feel free to contact her or myself. The party will go on for 10 days. So put your sweats on, get comfy, and shop online. Everything ships directly to you. The party link listed below is the link you can shop the whole 10 day period. (Ending January 26th) Thanks in advance for all your support. Here's your party link:…/…/1217629/view