Buy/sell/trade or in search of

Buy/sell/trade or in search of is a group for posting anything to buy/sell/trade or for requesting an item that someone might be willing to sell (ISO posts). Includes anything from auto/atv/boat bike/motorcycle parts. Miscellaneous items such as house hold items, clothes, jewelry, baby care items are also welcome. Make sure to post a picture, a description of the item, a price (this is not an auction page), and the location. If you do not post these things you will be warned, and if you do not fix it in a timely manner, your post will be deleted. No scams, spam, illegal items for sale, no expired items (i.e. carseats), no WIC items (that is illegal), no recalled items, no "dating" posts, and no rude comments. Also, delete your post if the item is sold and please do not re-post an item, instead just bump your original post. Please do not comment on separate pictures in a grouped post, as it will separate the post and clog the page up. Happy shopping! ****Sadly it seems that we need to address a problem. Do NOT sell a damaged item without disclosing the damage before the sale. Include the damage in your item's description. Also, buyers always look over the item before purchase. Meet at a place where you can plug in and check all electronics. Message me (Shaunda Swearingen) if there is a seller trying to sell a damaged item and you caught the undisclosed damage when you met up with seller. They will get 1 warning and if it happens again the seller will be banned (just in case they did not know about the damage we will give fair warning). If you are caught blocking a person who you have deceptively sold a damaged item to, you will be immediately considered the guilty party and will be deleted from the group. Accusers must have verifiable proof such as pics/screenshots for us to act of course. Also, do not block admins or you will be banned from the page. We need to be able to moderate ALL members. ****