Speak English Fluently

A warm welcome to "All NEW MEMBERS" who are enthusiastic and aspiring to learn to speak & write ENGLISH FLUENTLY.

This Group is created to improve English speaking & writing skills as well as our Grammar & Vocabulary, which will surely help us in all our academic and professional life as well.
Please do not hesitate to ask & answer questions pertaining to English and its use, as we are all here to learn from each other.
1.Communicating in languages other than English.
2.Abusive language & profanity.
3.Communicating on topics of Religion or politics.
4.Posting pictures & comments about sex, religion & nudity in this Group. These will be deleted without a warning.
5. Advertising.
6. Asking translations individually.
(You may ask translations on the pinned post only).
Members not adhering to the above rules will be removed from the Group.
Thank you.