Khobar LadiesMarket (New/Used items)

Ahlan wa sahlan!

LadiesMarket, the online shopping place to go for when selling 'new or pre-loved items'! We EXCLUSIVELY focus on Ladies and kids clothing and accessories like shoes , bags , makeup etc ..

We have some guidelines that every buyer/seller must abide by. They are as follows:
1- A picture with complete description of your product which should include size, Price, location & condition of your product.
2- If bank transfers are being used then the buyer should be provided by Iqama copy & complete address in order to avoid fraud. ( This can be done through inbox for privacy reasons).
3- Post your product only once in a week. Repeated posts will result in complete banning.
4- We are not liable for your dealings with anyone other then admins of this group.
5- We have no control over the accuracy or truth of Sellers product or service claims, or quality of any products or services you receive.
6- Please stick to the business & its advertisement. Admins are privileged to delete all other posts.
The group & the admins are a link between the sellers & the buyers with no further liability & guarantee. Please report any scams or mischiefs to the admins.

LadiesMarket team!

Happy Shopping.