Ossett School Alumni- Graduating 1976-1978

OK guys, time to up the ante and take you all to nostalgia heaven and inspire you to search your attics. As Robert and Richard know from previous posts of mine I never throw anything away. Never! Anyway, this should elicit a few 'LOL's. In order: 1ML, 2MC (with the lovely Miss Mckennie who saved me from 4 million lines I got from Bill Hughes), 4FS (following Heathers 3FS - but can you spot the additional person?), 6th form ...... Then me, Duncan Taylor, Rit and Bully pose for the Ossett Obvious to promote our sponsored Pennine Way for a new school bus and then us again, with Mick Benn, at the start (with the back end of my dads shiny new green escort) ..... THE STRIFE CONCERT! (and no, that's not Harry’s back, its his brother Bob, with - I think - Rit in denim at the side of him)….. a couple of photos from the school trip to Zurich with Bruce (Mr Forsyth) where Ted Asquith, Bully and I got very pi**ed and performed ‘Bye Bye Baby’ from the hotel balcony along with ‘Smoke on the Water’), and finally
our rebellious letters to the press following our confrontation during the teachers strike. O heady days!