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This group will focus on all strategies like Buy & Hold, Fractional Shares, Infill, Raising Capital, Seller Financing, Commercial, Residential, Highest and Best Use, Declustering, Multi-family, Fix-n-Flip, Wholesale, Short Sale, Probate, Rentals, Use Discrepancy, Multiple Parcels, Storage Unit, Subject-To, Tax Lien, Wrap Around, IRA Friendly, Apartment Complexes and any other type of deal you can think of. This was also meant to be a forum for all investors to ask questions and get answers about anything real estate related.

Please do not post anything that is not related to Real Estate Investing or you will be removed and banned. Sorry for the spammers.

Dear Admins, please visit potential member's profile page before adding them to the group to verify they have something of value in the real estate industry to add to our timeline. Thank you.

Happy Investing