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Fair Isles? Soon be four Dave. The World is watching.
The libLabCon eh! As if. Democracy Dave? Have you noticed you may have a wee bit of a Democratic revolution brewing down South. Of course you haven't. It seems that some are so peeved at Wastemonster trying to divert what you're up to in relation to English bad treatment that Yes England is a sound that is music to our ears. Soon to be four Dave? We push forward. They learn as we go. The moral support from our good neighbours has been humbling. All the best Dave. Oh! and by the way. Tell Gordon "Where's the Gold" Brown to stop pretending you stitched him up. Labour and Tories up here are out on their backsides. I wonder who involved in this farce is going to get convicted. May give Ladbrokes a call. I don't bet though. Saor Alba. Watch what's coming. Hope over fear. This is getting Interesting at last.
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