Better than eBay- Knoxville

This site is intended for individuals who live in the Knoxville,TN area only. Please don't ask to be added if you are out of this area as members generally don't ship; everything is local pick up only. Be prepared to meet in Knoxville.This website is designed for local tra ding only.Please make sure all items you post are in good condition. (NO BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS) Or it will be deleted sorry.
PLEASE PUT YOUR PHOTOS IN ALBUMS! If you cant do Albums, we will allow you to post 5 single photos MAX. when 1 post sells take it down and add another in its place. If we see more than 5 post from any member, your posts will be deleted and you will be removed from the group sorry.You must list Cross posted in your description if you have your post for sell in another group.
***Absolutely NO GUNS, KNIVES or ANY weapons of any kind PERIOD or you will be banned!!***
*** We will except auto parts, Tires, head lights Etc. Lawn mowers, Gardening tools, ***NOW ACCEPTING CARS, TRUCKS, RVs, and BOATS!!!!***
***You now may post "For Sale By Owner" homes/condos/trailers!

PLEASE ONLY BUMP YOUR POST EVERY 24 HOURS. To locate your posts/albums, please click on the main page, on the top right corner you will see a magnifying glass logo. Click on that logo and a box will pop up. then you will need to enter your name as it appears on your profile and your posts should appear.This is how you can bump your posts. please do not double posts your pics, we don't need 2 of them or they will all be removed. USE PM's FOR PICK UP AND TIMES, NO PERSONAL INFO SHOULD BE LEFT ON MAIN PAGE including ph #'s .THIS is for your safety, any numbers posted on this site could result in removing you from the group.
***The FIRST person that ask a question under an item will put you in order to buy ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd place) For Example: If a possible buyer ask how much or ask any questions as "sold pending question or interested pending question" on a sellers post will have 1st dibs, BUYERS please say pass if not interested so the next person in line has a chance at buying. You have 12 hours to decide if want the item. The seller can automatically go to the next person after 12 hours. Out of respect for the seller please decide as quickly as possible.
***Once the sale has finalized and or delivered, please delete the item! Thank you Happy Shopping