The NEW Mason City Area For Sale,Swap and Free Group

This is a group that is just like the original site-but will be monitored a little more closely. The rules are the same-make albums-dont post individually every item you have, do not bump the same item over and over- bump it every 24 hours.If posting from a cell phone-only post 3 pics at a time, and when it sells mark it as sold and we will delete it or you can delete it on your own. If you do not like the rules, and do not think you need to follow them- you will be removed.This group was created because some of us are sick of those who think that the rules do not apply to them basically. DO NOT BUMP MORE THAN 3 ITEMS every 24 hours- i do not want this page clogged with all of 1 persons stuff- that is why this site was started- if you do so- everything after the 3rd item will be deleted. Also there is no selling of WIC items or any items that may be purchased thru WIC. No posting of baby formula of ANY kind, it is against the law. And I didnt think that this needed to be written as a rule~ but apperently everything does.... DO NOT purchase items on here and try to resell them on here or any other sites for more than you purchased the item for. That is just so wrong!!! And any harrassment or nasty name calling will also land you on the deleted list. This site is for everyday people to have fun, find and sell their items and hopefully make a few bucks while doing so. And finally- every item needs to be edited within the album and everything needs to have a price~ none of this pm me for a price. If you want it on this site- post a price. Do not post your pics and then go back and comment with the description on each pic or it will all be deleted, edit within the album!!