Southern California Horses For Sale & Lease

PLEASE READ! This group is for the selling and buying of horses ONLY, and only in Southern California Currently we are allowing trailer ads as well.

Manners ARE a requirement. If you think someone's horse is overpriced, you simply pass on the horse. You do NOT:

Tell someone that they are asking too much for their horse.
Tell someone that if they really loved their horse, or had its best interest at heart, that they would sell it for a lower price.
Claim that the horse has a physical, mental, or medical issue without proof. If you claim a horse has Navicular, for example, it better be because you used to own the horse and have vet records showing Navicular, OR because you had a vet do a PPE on this horse and the vet definitively diagnosed Navicular.
Criticize the horse's training or the trainer, the rider, the tack, the facility, or something another poster said on the thread.

There are plenty of groups where people want critiques of things and where critiques are allowed, this is not one of them.

Nasty comments will be removed. If someone repeatedly posts offensive comments, that poster will be removed from the group.

If you advertise a horse on here, you must be either the owner, or acting as the agent for the owner. If you are helping a friend sell a horse (because they are not on FB, for example), that is fine, so long as you are able to answer questions about the horse (age, price, location, etc). You CANNOT share random ads that you find on Craigslist or at rescues or auction yards. Whoever posts the ad must be able to answer questions about the horse :)

Please do NOT bump sale ads more than once a week. Businesses may only advertise once a month. Violating these rules will get your ads removed and possibly result in you being removed from the group.

Please report any spammers to the admin, or any ads that don't meet the requirements. If you're not sure if your ad is allowed, feel free to PM me.

Users are responsible for reading and following the rules :)