Kitsap Buy and Sell - Closed Group

1. If you are posting more than 2-3 pictures (NOT ITEMS, Pictures), please make an album (The DIRECTIONS are in the FILES tab) you need to use a BROWSER from your phone or use a computer to do this. One album per person please! Change the date of the ALBUM to YOUR name so you can search for it at a later time to add more items and to make sure it does not get DELETED. Listing pictures one at a time takes up the whole wall.
2. DO NOT BUMP/COMMENT/ADD DESCRIPTION/SHARE individual posts to get them to the top. DO NOT post your items every day or create NEW albums every day. DO NOT post your items as a SHARE/CRAIGSLIST ADS/EBAY. You need to BUMP the ENTIRE album. Give it at least 2 days before you do this.
3. When sold PLEASE delete!!!!!!!
4. If you are trying to sell an item on here please be courteous and prompt in response to the interested party. If you are interested in an item please COMMENT you are interested and you will PM the seller! Go in ORDER of the comments of the interested person. DO NOT skip over people!
5. Check you "Other folder" Daily when you have items posted for sale
6. If having a long conversation please do it via message or on your own Facebook wall.
7. Please post price and location on each picture you post and if its CROSSPOSTED
8. If you have an appointment please keep it!!! Violators are put on a NO show/NO call list
9. Buyers before handing over cash check out the item completely!!! You are buying at your own risk!!
10. ISO (In Search Of) posts will be deleted after 48hrs
11. General questions for the public will be deleted after 24 hrs.
12. BUYER...DO NOT comment that you will offer more than the seller has an item listed to get priority on a sale, be courteous and wait your turn in line!
13. SELLER...If you agree to sell an item at a specific price and back out because of a higher offer you will be removed from the group! This is NOT a bidding site!
14. Please DO NOT comment on the seller’s asking price. Please DO NOT comment on a post unless you are interested in the item. No telling people they can get it cheaper and not post rude comments or insulting offers. If you don't like it just keep scrolling.
15. NO bad language!!!
17. NO Business ads or single business ad posts. LOCAL hand crafted items need to be in an ALBUM!
18. NO Firearms or ammo
19. NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
20. NO posts offering services or business type services.
21. NO Garage Sale or Yard Sale Ads posted more than 24 hours prior to the event!

Any violators will be removed and Banned from the group!

Any and all posts for selling and ISO of posts for animals will be deleted, repeat offenders will be banned. There are SO many animals up for adoption at your local humane Society! I am not going to encourage the sale of animals by allowing people to post them on here. Re-homing a goldfish and livestock may be the extent that I will allow :)
- Zero tolerance allowed - Adopt & Rescue!