Welcome to D.M.V IPHONES

Q. What we do?
- We Jailbreak / Unlock / Repair any AT&T Iphone (Starting with Iphone 2, 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5)

Unlock done with in 1-24 hours

Q. What does Factory Unlock mean?
- Factory Unlocked means that the phone isn't attached to any cell phone service and can be used with any service that uses a SIM card (Simple Mobile, T-Mobile, H20 Express, any other country as long as you have a sim card).

Q. Do we unlock Verizon/Sprint Iphones?
Yes, we do unlock Verizon / Sprint Iphones only IPHONE 4S not the IPHONE 4!!Any IOS!!

Q. What does Jailbreak mean?
- jailbreaking your iPhone means freeing it from the limitations imposed on it by your carrier, whether that's AT&T or Verizon, and Apple. You install a software application on your computer, and then transfer it to your iPhone, where it "breaks open" the iPhone’s file system to allow you to modify it. I know that is a little hard to comprehend. BUT it is simply bypassing the restrictions that have been set by apple.

Q. Do we repair Iphones ?
- Yes we do repairs mostly cracked front/back screens for now.Any Repair Water Damage Iphones And Ipods (We'll keep you updated for other services)

Q. Can we bypass a code on your Iphone?
- Yes, We don't care where you got your Iphone from, you've found an Iphone? You bought an Iphone that has a password? We can reset it to it's original settings.

Our Prices are the cheapest in the D.M.V area.

- Jailbreak + Factory Unlock (AT&T): $25.00
- Unlock With Gevey Sim (VERIZON / SPRINT 4S : $45.00
- Bypassing code: $10.00
- Jailbreak: $5.00
- Repairs: Front screen $50.00
- Back Screen: $20.00

We can unlock bad imei iphones LOST/STOLEN/PAST DUE all have to be AT&T
We Can Also Unlock Any AT&T Phone Prices May Vary Depending On Model.
Payment Method:

PAYPAL (preferred)

If you have any questions please inbox me or the other Admins/Moderators.

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