Autococker enthusiasts BST

This page was created for any player that uses, buys, or sells cockers and cocker parts/accessories.

Rules of This thread are:

1)We are trying to keep this group uncluttered, so please keep your posts related to BST of cockers and cocker related items.

2) No show off threads, please.

3) Appraisal threads will be allowed. They need to stay cocker-centric. Any non-cocker appraisals will be removed.

4) In keeping with that, if you violate this rule, 1st offense-post is deleted and a warning is issued, 2nd offense-post deleted and you will be banned. This goes for any and all posted rules of this thread.

5) Post a price, even if your looking to trade. It will save time and confusion.

6) No raffles of any kind shape or smell.
" A form of lottery in which a number of persons buy one or more chances to win a prize."

That's all for now, I'm sure as things come up, myself or another mod will add to this post.