Economy Of Love-KC

The Economy of Love is a system of giving and receiving that's not based on buying or selling. What we want to accomplish here is to provide a place where people can make needs known and have needs met. Do you need winter coats for the kids? Post the need. Do you have winter coats for kids to give? Post it!

The idea for this came up when Erika (my wife) and I felt called to give away everything we own to follow Jesus. We began to post things on facebook and friends would leave comments claiming the items they needed from our home. It felt so joyful to give! With every item we gave, we were filled to overflowing with the joy of being an answer to people's prayers. The most logical response to such generosity and joy is to give more. As we give, the thing we give leaves, but our joy grows and compounds the more we give.

Our prayer is that this group will start a grass roots movement of radical, love based, generosity that will be a witness and a living example to the world of what Love looks like.

"By this, all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." (John 13:35)

We want to embrace radical inclusion in this group, therefore the generosity isn't to be limited to church folk. We want to share our love with the world and to be a witness and a testimony of the love of God to those that do not yet know Him.

..... this means that we want ya'll church folk to go out of your way to be kind and generous to those who are waiting to encounter God through our kindness. ;)

Give, Receive, Love and Be Loved.

This is a safe place to make your needs known.

Bless you all in Jesus' name,
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(Matt Bond)