Altinkum & Akbuk - Help & Review's.

Please read the group rules: This is a community where we can ask questions, help each other, write reviews for your favourite restaurants/drinking holes, share hidden treasures and things to do in the local area. An opinion is allowed, please be courteous to each other with constructive comments and no hearsay allowed. It's not ok to post complaints about others unless you have addressed the complaint to the person or company directly first to be fair.

**No recommending of your own company or one you have connections to and no emlak/estate agent company advertising.**

A recommendation is something you get from someone who knows something about you. They have seen an item of interest and thought that you might gain some use by it. They give their recommendation freely, knowing that it may do you some good, expecting nothing in return other than perhaps a “thank you”. Recommendations are thus social capital.

Please do not send private messages to members offering services etc. This page is not a free business tool it is for the mutual benefit of members with impartial views.