Frenchville Berserker Action Group

Did you know? Rockhampton has a town plan to ensure its' future economic and environmental sustainability. Within this town plan are designated areas for commercial use and residential use; 'zoning' is a local council measure to preserve the integrity of Rocky and help it prosper for the benefits of its' people and the regional economy.

Parmac (property developer) and Coles supermarkets have approached council with a plan to build a retail hub within boundaries (on the old WIN TV site) which our town plan has ZONED FOR HOMES.

We want to let Council, Parmac and Coles know that if they want to open ANOTHER store in Rocky they need to play by the rules and respect the residents!

This is a forum to discuss the rights of residents and existing businesses who have the long term interests of Rocky at heart.

Why are they proposing to build on this site? It's CHEAPER for them. Don't let them devalue your homes, create traffic mayhem and ruin a peaceful residential area.

Rocky has too many vacant commercial properties – this proposed ‘out of zone’ development will put at risk our remaining local businesses, creating more, unsightly retail ghettos!

Let's send a strong, united message: HOMES NOT SHOPS!