Die-Cast Car Collectors' Club Bangladesh (DCCCB)

Welcome to Die-Cast Car Collectors' Club Bangladesh (DCCCB).

Here you will find enthusiast collectors of Die Cast Cars of all scales, information regarding the availability of these rare collectibles and the extreme passion that each and every member possess in the group. Here, you will realize that the hobby of collecting cars has no age boundaries, but it is driven with passion and love.

Thanks for being a member of the group. We would like you to fill up a small form containing a little details about yourself, so that we can track your needs as well as promote your collection. The link to the form is as follows: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wc4lc_kowwSZyNpgg91ZPy32bxdmqOFvX-bWKLfSlV0/edit?usp=sharing

As a member, we expect you to follow some rules and norms so that we can maintain solidarity and brotherhood towards each other. Just to mention, we have female members here as well!

As a member, we want you to:

- Add your collector friends, friends who are enthusiasts about different hobbies.
- Fill out the form as stated above. This is required to keep track of our members.
- Respect each other.
- Use proper salutations while referring to each other.
- Keep your head cool while any feud occurs. We understand that we have very limited resources and a good number of collectors, so there will be tension. We don't never want to stretch it. Please resolve any issues with any member, if it occurs.
- Please be active in the group. Share your stories, photos and opinions.
- You can add photos, videos and a separate album with your name in the group.
- Please try to attend the meet ups that we will arrange over time. Every meet up will be planned ensuring the comfort and ease of the majority of the members.
- The member approval/omitting/blocking will be deiced by the admin(s). In the case of member block or delete, we will have a valid reason, of course. Members are valuable, we don't want to lose them.
- PLEASE HELP EACH OTHER IN COLLECTING. This community is slowly growing big, and it is promising to stand out. Please help each other so that the community prospers.
- For any help or an issue which needs attention, please contact Mr. Danny Siraji and consult.
- We have a separate page for Car Buy/Sell/Auction. The group is under construction.