MabiHub: Alexina

This is a group for anyone who enjoys Mabinogi! It's open for any type of discussions, merching advertisements, event planning, or anything else also related to Mabinogi!


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Fifth - (Fifth Mabi)
Twelfth - (Twelfth Mabi)


Jeemie - (Jimmy)

I am very open to suggestions for the group, please bring it to my attention so that everyone in the group can vote on it. If approved by the majority, I will apply the changes.

♥ In this group, you are NOT allowed to tell someone how they should price their items. They have the right to price it however they'd like. If you don't like it, don't buy it, and move on. Don't harrass any seller in here for their prices.
♥ Please be respectful to the other posters, and understand that there is someone else on the other side of that computer with feelings.
♥ Please do not spam the page.
♥ Please do not specifically point people out, it hurts the feelings of others who weren't suggested in the posts!
♥ Please Bump only every 2 hours.
♥ Please do not advertise another group in your posts here.
♥ All selling/buying posts should include your IGN!
♥ Please do not share anyone elses personal information. That includes their pictures, irl names, cell phone numbers, real life facebook's if they are hiding under a different one, etc, etc.
♥ PLEASE, follow the limitation guideline for nudity. Nothing too excessively sexual. If you can't show the image to your little sister, then it's probably not a good idea to post it here.
Limitation to nudity for this group can be referred to the following image:
I will not tolerate people revealing any further naughty bits.

Not following any of the rules can result in warnings. Excessive breaking of the rules will result in a boot from the group.

We are affiliated with Mabinogi Club!
Check it out for your Market Needs or would like to report a scammer.

We are also affiliated with Mabinogi's Artists:
Check it out to watch/commission some talented mabinogi artists!

Scammers are not tolerated here!!
Please report them to me immediately.