Ella's Memory

on December 1st 2009 at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro our beautiful little baby girl Ella was born. Tragically she had passed away due to unknown reasons.
As you can imagine this has been the most harrowing and upsetting experiences that can be imagined.
In the UK tragic circumstances like this happen to over 6500 parents per year.
4 years on we now can reflect and understand how important it was to have collected all the keep sakes and memories we possibly could and the priceless photos and items that we collated will stay with us forever.
With the help of our family and friends we have started Ella's Memory with the sole purpose to help and assist the parents of still born babies have at hand via the hospitals the equipment required to compile their own memories of their beautiful babies in comfortable surroundings.
In 2011 we completed the renovation of the Daisy Suite and now maintain this special bereavement suite for the hospital, in addition we are now looking to renovate a second side room on the ward which is used when the Daisy suite is already occupied.