Back to the Basics of MLM/Network Marketing

The Group is for those who want to learn more about MLM/Network Marketing by being part of a community that will help others to succeed in MLM/Network Marketing.

What is the Community:

The Community will be a Unique Group of Leaders or Soon to be Leaders.

The Community will be of like-minded people.

The Community is all about helping people to be more successful in MLM/Network Marketing through education.

The Community will enable people through education to learn how to own their lives.

The Community will attract people who want to share ideas and strategies

The Community goal is to become one of the best Groups on Facebook.


The Community Discussion Board is not a place to ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS, PRODUCTS, OR SERVICES.

The community will not allow spamming, slamming,or any other activities that would be a detriment to the community.

Any violations that occur will be handled by the administrator and you will be banned from the Community.

Getting Into Action:

You can start by downloading a FREE MLM Letter.

The MLM Letter is a great source of information. Your information provide to receive the MLM Letter is guaranteed to be confidential. It will not be shared or sold to anyone.

The Community recommends, no we strongly suggest, that you use a picture of yourself for your profile picture. Company products, pets and such JUST ARE NOT YOU. The truth is you look a lot better than a "BOTTLE" of juice.

The Community welcomes you aboard.We look forward to your input and your ideas,

The Community believes in You and that you are a very special person.