Carers Views Count

This group is intended to be a safe place for Carers.
Here we can discuss issues, share our troubles and find solutions.

We will use this page to think of ways to influence decision makers whether that is by coming up with questions to be asked at the Carers Parliament, or elsewhere.
Members may also use this page to discuss pro-active action.
No politicians will knowingly be invited on to this page, we can use CVC- votes to engage with them.
We will not insult each other, demean or intimidate each other.
Swearing may offend but no one is going to be kicked off for it. If however anyone feels offended then please contact myself or any of the other admins and we can try and resolve any problems.

We all need a safe place to offload. Our lives are challenging, and our sons and daughters can also present with challenging behaviour.

Sometimes we just need to get another person's viewpoint.

But we do need to be careful about what we post on this, or any other, page as people may not know us that well and know when we are offloading, being funny or deadly serious.

Please do not defame or insult particular organisations or people, saying we are hacked off with a Department is one thing, naming someone is another matter.

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Disclaimer: This group is provided for members to post on. Opinions expressed on this group are solely those of the author of the post and are not those of the owner of the group, who does not accept responsibility for any material posted and reserves the right to delete and moderate posts.