Ask A Vegan Dietitian

Welcome to Ask A Vegan Dietitian! This is the only vegan/plant-based group organized and led by a Registered Dietitian. Here you can ask nutrition questions and get solid answers from an RD with years of experience in the vegan lifestyle and reading research. ABOUT ME: Vegan since 1986, Registered Dietitian since 2005. BA (Enviro Studies, UMBC), 1987, MS (Health Education, Towson U), 2000, Dietetics Coursework (Morgan State), 2004, Dietetics Internship (U of Delaware), 2005.
Please be mindful of the following: 1) for legal reasons, since I cannot review your complete lab results, full medical, health and diet history, etc. this is nutrition education only, not "medical nutrition therapy" and is not intended to replace the recommendations of your qualified, local healthcare practitioner; 2) one question per person per 24 hours; 3) please don't write a "book" to ask your question; 4) this is not a group to randomly post recipes, petitions, pet videos, inspirational messages, news reports, etc. I love those too, but there are plenty of pages for those types of posts. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Repeated off-topic posts will get you ejected. Trolls will be ejected. 5) You may post a recipe, news article or research article, if you want me to comment on it (review the validity of the article, or how a recipe can be modified to make it healthier or vegan, etc). Please provide the link. If you want me to review a few lab results (cholesterol and triglycerides, for example), I can do that, but not a complete page of results. 6) Although the group is closed, answers will be public to the group, unless otherwise requested. 7) All are welcome, including omnivores. Feel free to invite others. Joining does not obligate you to ask a question. However, this is not a debate forum. 8) even though I'm an ethical vegan, this is not the place to debate ethics, definitions of who is/is not vegan, or anything of the sort. All questions must be directly related to nutrition or health. 9) You can ask a question at any time, although I may schedule regular timed events, likely held 1 or 2 evenings per week. 10) I would appreciate it if people not reply to a question before I do. Feel free to voice support once I reply. If you have a point you think should be addressed in my reply to a question, please message me privately. Premature replies will be deleted. Repeated non-compliance will get you ejected. Thanks for understanding.