York and Adams County,: Online Yard Sales and Freebies

This is a group made for selling, ISO and free stuff. As always, to keep order, we need some rules and regulations.
1. The first person to say "Interested" gets first dibs. Saying "Possibly Interested" is not a definite answer, and the seller can move on to the next person.
2. If an interested buyer says they are going to PM you, check your "other" folder. Sometimes if you are not friends, your messages will show up in that folder.
3. No drama will take place on this site. If you have an issue with anyone at any time, please bring to an admin's attention and we will deal with it.
4. No scammers. This includes: selling empty boxes, selling products that are claimed to work but don't (clothing: stains, tears, etc.), selling any type of samples or WIC products such as baby formula, medicaid breast pumps, or buying products cheap and selling them for more. You may give any formula away FREE.
5. If you see a post that is disrespectful or violates any rules, please notify an admin immediately and we will take action.
6. No shows are not tolerated. You are wasting someone else's time and gas. You have a way of telling someone you can't meet and reschedule.
7. You may "bump" posts every 24 hours.
8. Do not post anything involving personal situations on the page.. If you have a problem with anyone, please tag an admin and we will get back to you.
9. Do not post items individually if you are selling a bunch. It takes up the feed and prevents anyone else from selling. Please add photos in an album or group.
10. When an item is sold, please remove the photo to avoid confusion.
11. Feel free to post any individual businesses or upcoming yard sales on this page.
Thank you and Happy selling!!
Regina Markel and David Beasley - Admin team.