To set up a Non Profit Org - Dance Group in South Wales (Cardiff, Newport)

This group is to deliberate the idea of setting up a Non Profit Organisation specifically for dance enthusiasts in Cardiff and Newport.

This is in same lines with Salsa Bangor

We don't have a common group to join all the salsa dancers together.

What is it
It is a group for dance enthusiasts, to start it can be for salsa dancers may be slowly we could expand to all the dances

What is not
Yet another dance company. It is not a company it is a group. It is a non profit organisation. IT IS NOT A COMPETITION TO ANY OTHER DANCE CLASSES/TEACHERS.

What can the group do
Organise dance sessions a low cost/free
The experience dancers can try their hand in teaching
Free taster classes for new starters
Dance in the community - support dancing workshops in the community like in deprived areas, old age homes, bring smile in people's lifes.
group passes to events
buy equipments
support charities
and much more...

What is a Non Profit Organisation

What are we doing in this group (this facebook group)
We can discuss the idea and discuss how this idea can take shape.

so lets start commenting!