Courageous Cayden

Cayden James was welcomed into the world with love and joy by his mom Sarah on March 29, 2011. That joy was quickly replaced with fear and anxieties as he has struggled health wise from the day he was born. He has a genetic condition that went undiagnosed for more than the first half of his life called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. EDS can range from mild to severe. Cayden is extra special and has type 3 and a severe form of the rare subtype (type 4) that affects his vascular system. His gastric system has very little to no function. Because of the the GI motility problems, he has had numerous surgeries within his digestive track, his colon has ruptured and he has constant gastric bleeding. He relies on a broviac catheter, which is a surgically placed iv, for all of his nutrition for now. The plan is to place a G-J tube this week to feed him in hopes of getting rid of the broviac permanently.

Along with gastric and vascular problems, his eye sight and joints are also affected by the EDS. He wears braces on his feet and wears the cutest pair of glasses. Despite all of these things, Cayden is a happy, intelligent, loving, beautiful child. Thank you for joining us on his courageous journey.

For more information on Ehlers-Danlos syndrome follow the links below–Danlos_syndrome