Welcome to Rinse Shuffle Repeat, a home for ravers and geeks ali...ke!

Our mission is to successfully inform others about the old school
rave vibes, and to bring them back into the spotlight. We
continue to ascend higher vibrations together, as a family.

We are a pack, a clan, and a family. We are one!

Together, we take to the woods. Running, shining brighter than
any UFO sighting or LED light that anyone has ever seen.

We reign from Peel and Halton region originally, but we're quickly
spreading across the nation. Next we're taking over the world!

We officially started on the 4th of February, but we've quickly
launched just days after we hit the scene.

Our members are what make us stronger, and with 500 since the
beginning of April, we are quickly turning into a force.

Rinse Shuffle Repeat is not just about rave and pop culture, we
are a collective community. We are all wolves, raised by wolves,
and we wear our wolf spirit proud!


basically this is a group for people wanting a group of pepole to dance with and learn new styles, maybe learn how to shuffle all together. meet new pepole , learn new moves and join us when we go to events and tear up the dance floor smile emoticon