Dinfinity: An infinite number of dinner guests brought together!

This group began as a way to introduce people to one another. It's a simple idea: Bring together a dinner party of individuals and couples who haven't met before, enjoy dinner and maybe a few drinks, and socialize! That's it. Once you've attended a dinner, all you have to do is host one the next month and relay the information to your guests. Anyone can attend, you get to choose your own guest list - so be creative and have fun!
The idea is to see how exponentially we can get the group to grow just from hosting dinners that bring people together. When we have made it through 12 months, we can see just how far reaching something as simple as a dinner party can be. In the end, there is potential to have touched millions of individuals! What we would like to see happen at the end is that when the project is over, everyone involved will donate just $1 to a charity TBD.
Keep the dinner alive, find fun people to invite and have a great time!

First dinner was held at Union Pig & Chicken in Pittsburgh, PA on 3.15.2013.