doTERRA Wellness Advocate Weight Loss and Exercise Center

This Group is a place dedicated to those who are interested in losing weight, controlling their weight, managing diseases/illness related to obesity and to exercise. I am a Registered Dietitian and so will be able to answer any questions related to any of these issues. As a Registered Dietitian I can help you develop a diet that will help you either lose weight or help control your medical issues. I do advocate a holistic approach towards health and use doTERRA products I also believe that we should seek the advice of our Physician before making any significant changes to diet and exercise. . You do not need to use doTERRA products to benefit from this page but I will remove anything that references a different essential oils website or items. It is a place of learning and education. You may ask questions for other members to answer. We ask that you offer no medical opinion though unless you are a Doctor. Feel free to add recipes or success stories.

This group is run by Wellness Advocates and not by doTERRA International. Group content should not be considered approved by doTERRA International. The contents of this group reflect the opinion of the people making comments on this page. Opinions expressed should not be construed as medical advice.

Please do share:
doTERRA oil testimonies
Your personal success stories (if you want to share a success story from or about someone else please note their name and that they have given you permission)
doTERRA essential oil recipes
Asking questions about essential oil use and health issues (no medical diagnosis to be made unless you are an MD and please not that then)
Asking questions about the doTERRA business

Please do NOT share/ask:
Use of other brands or products, holistic or otherwise, this is for doTERRA essential oils and I make no secret that this is my oil of choice
Do not use this group to voice your disdain for a competitor, if you do I will remove you. We chose to respect that others have their own favorite company and you must respect that this is a group dedicated to doTERRA essential oils.
Drama, rants, propaganda from other companies, debates about vaccinations, religion, we will agree to disagree but politely.
No Spamming, this is a doTERRA themed group, period.

**There is also a lot of information in the group files and photos. is an excellent site to research oil use and testimonies. is a database of documented research studies and education and is an unbiased site.

The group settings are Closed to comply with Facebook policies.

Please be courteous and respectful to all group members.