Garden New Hampshire

A group dedicated to keeping farming and gardening local. Residents of NH and those close to the border to come together to share information and photos. Also, swap seeds, share clippings, or rehome that unwanted shrub. Find local farmers, manure, produce, etc. We do allow the sale of home grown produce provided it is within the limits of the law. Jarred/Canned products also welcome as well as shared info on preserving the produce we grow.

By accepting membership into this group, you understand that this group, nor it's members or admin can be held responsible for other peoples actions.


PLEASE only garden related posts allowed, and keep language clean and respectful.

Allowed: Selling, trading, swapping, of plants that are legal within this state. Also, sharing of stories, and/or useful information related to gardening, event info, etc...

Reminder to all: Everyone on this site is a stranger, and for safety reasons, consider meeting members in public places, bringing a friend when possible. Please be smart during ANY meet up, it's your responsible.

LONG DISTANCE TRANSACTIONS: Buyer/Seller beware. Long distance transactions are an "at your own risk" issue. Garden New Hampshire, nor it's members or Admins will be held responsible. Most people use paypal with a very detailed description including the term "to be shipped" is usually good coverage...and using a check or money order, I always be sure it clears BEFORE I ship.


Prohibited items include the sale or trade of plants or seeds that are illegal to own, sell, or buy within the state or as a regulation of the federal government. ANY illegal activity and/or growing in not allowed on this group.

Abusive language or negative comments, and name calling. Offenders will be removed. If you can't say something nice, please say nothing. If you think someone is asking too much, you can make them an offer, otherwise, please don't comment on overpriced items. It's the buyers responsibility to price shop if they choose to.

SPAM and Repeated Offenses: If we see posts that are not garden related or are posts to other groups that are not in response to an ISO, we will delete them without notification. If the member continues to post, then will be removed. This is an attempt to keep the board clutter free. If you find that you've been removed from the group for what appears to be no reason, please message Charlee Breen to dispute your removal. We are aware that sometimes accounts get hacked...and we trying to protect our members that are free of this SPAM and/or virus from contracting it. Thanks for your understanding.

Other than that...we ask that you all have fun, grow it green, and be healthy. Thanks for being a member.