Philippine Normal University Lopez Alumni Association, Inc.

The objectives of this association shall be the attainment of the primary purpose stated in the Articles of Incorporation, namely: to promote the individual and collective welfare and interests of the alumni of the Philippine Normal College (PNC) and the Philippine Normal University (PNU) and of the PNU itself, its students, faculty members and non teaching personnel. In order to achieve this end, it shall endeavor to:

a. foster understanding and promote fellowship among the alumni of PNU;
b. instill in the alumni a sense of confidence and pride in being graduates PNU;
c. extend appropriate assistance to alumni particularly for employment and other extension supports;
d. encourage the members of the association to help maintain and advance the prestige of PNU in the community specially in the field of teacher education; and
e. utilize advances in education and technology as means of promoting Philippine socio-economic progress, culture and nationalism
From: proposed PNULAA By-Laws benchmarked from the UP Alumni Association, Inc. and the PNU Alumni Association Inc., Article III, Section 1.