Buy and sell Portsmouth new page


If you are found to be posting sales of ANIMALS, CANCER ADS (ONLY MacMillan Charity will be allowed) PORNOGRAPHIC PHOTOS, pornographic links of any kind, sales of PRESCRIPTION medication of any kind, sales of WEAPONS that require a LICENSE, you will be REMOVED, BLOCKED and REPORTED to FaceBook.

After complaints of seeing too many Actiderm, FM Cosmetics, Diet Supplements and teeth whitening etc, I have decided to keep this room free of all those. I WILL be letting other companies advertise homeware and clothing.

If you are unsure that what you're posting falls under any of these categories, please ask an Admin.

Bumping of ads BUSINESS or PERSONAL is every 4 hours (note that this is generous enough, most groups business posts are bumped every 12 hours!!) Every month a new business will be displayed on the group banner so if you would like your business advertised just ask.

I would be very grateful if YOU would delete any posts that are over a year old and EVERYTHING that has been sold. It's really not much to ask, if you can't do this for any reason tag me in the post and I WILL delete it.