Adams Center: Johnson 10 - 12 Residents


This group will act as the homepage for stuff that goes on with the Johnson 10 - Johnson 12 floors [if that wasn't obvious already]. Here is where Sunny or I will post meeting time reminders, events, activity ideas--which you all are more than welcome to suggest--and other updates.

You can post pictures here or information for other events around campus that you think your fellow floormates would be interested in. I also don't mind Youtube videos or whatever--so long as it isn't spam with the appropriate warnings ( MOVIE SPOILER, HARSH LANGUAGE, etc). :) Just keep in mind that peoples' taste in humor varies.

This is the PERFECT opportunity for you to get to know your community mates. I encourage you to do so. We can either be a fun family or a dsyfunctional one but either way, we're gonna have a good time!