This group is to spread the word about any pets in any part of the country. Animals can sneak in lorries, get taken or sold on. This group is for sharing info & spreading the word. Never give up hope, animals can be very determined. All aspects of animal safety, tips, warnings, animal cruelty, naming & shaming (please try to investigate 1st just in case it's malicious) Any sick jokes or anything tasteless will be removed. I understand that some posts may upset people that are looking for beloved pets but thieves, baiters & bad breeders MUST be made aware of & reported.This group is for helping animals & their owners. No insults or moaning please if the animal is nothing like yours, any info could be a lead & the suppliers of that info should not be abused if they get it wrong. We are only human & trying to help. I will try & keep a list of wanted names or vehicles so that we all know who & what to look out for. Any problems please inbox me rather than complain on the group. I was advised to start this up as I had posted an ad that was not for the local area!! Let's just keep helping others get reunited or provide a voice for these poor animals that are being cruelly treated. Please let me know if you have found your pet & I'll mark it as re-united. Good luck everyone & don't give up x