Granville County UPSCALE Yard Sale

NO JUNK: All items should be at least $10 in value. You must post the PRICE with the picture. If not, it will be deleted. Any deleted items, may be reposted, as long as they don't violate rules. Multiple violations will result in getting yourself banned.

NO DUPLICATE listings: Before you REpost an ad for the same item, you must delete your old listing. If admins find more than one listing for the same item, then ALL you listings will be DELETED! Rather than reposting a duplicate ad, simply "bump" your item, by making any statement or character in the comments box under your picture. This will bring your ad back up to the top of the listings. If you can't find your ad, use the SEARCH BOX in the top right corner. BUMPS allowed...once per day.

NO BABY items: Please post baby items on a "baby specific" site or other yard sale sites. Baby items will be deleted. This does NOT include items like cribs, toddler beds, swing sets, etc. They are considered furniture, and are okay to post here.

NO AUCTIONS or OUTSIDE LINKS: If you do not place a price on your item, it will be removed. Do not post links to outside auctions or other listings on other sites or your personal sites. Your post will be deleted and you will be banned WITHOUT warning! Do not attempt to block the Admin. This does NOT work, b/c I have other anonymous accounts.

NO ADVERTISING: Do not post advertisements for yard sales, businesses, home party sales, or any other retail product advertising. Unfortunately, this now includes HANDMADE items. This is a yard sale site, and we're not here to promote your business.

PLEASE REMOVE your items after it has been sold. Otherwise, Admins may go through and delete postings that are older than 3 months. If your ad is deleted and you still have the item for sale, you may repost it.

ALBUMS: If you plan to post more than 5 items, per day day, please start yourself an ALBUM. I'd like to keep this a yard sale site where people can post items.... but not have one individual person overrun the site with a bunch of daily postings. Unfortunately, we've had a few "consignment" type people attempting to do this. I set up this site for people to be able to sell their personal items. If you want to resell items, then go set up your own site. Don't take over ours.

LOCATION: You must be willing to meet your buyer in Granville County. Do not post in a Granville County yard sale site, and expect your buyers to come to your house or meet you outside of Granville County.

Unlike other sites, this one IS moderated every few days. The members like it this way, because it keeps the site clean from unwanted advertisements, and repeated posts. **Some EXCEPTIONS to the rules, may be made, at the discretion of the Admins.