Kent Support & Advice for Domestic Abuse, Family & Relationship Matters

Survivors are wonderful spokespeople that provide inspiration to others. Others in the communities also provide inspiration through our local community coming together and supporting each other. This page, provides an avenue to be inspired. To help support everyone in a wide range of personal issues regarding all aspects of struggling family life!
This is a place to inspire others, share stories & offer an ear, so that no one needs to be suffering anymore -- if we only touch one person's life, we will hopefully be able to touch many. We all have a story to tell...come and chat and give your suggestions and ask questions regarding difficult matters going on in your life. Lets help each other. ♥
Please remember this site should not be used to 'name or shame' or make acusations/threats or cause any negativity... there are people out there that can help and it is our job to guide those in need in the right direction...
Thank you for your support.
Michelle x